All individuals who registered for the Spring 2020 league have been given a credit which they can use towards a future program in 2021. Credits can be used for any comparable program. Credit holders will not have to pay additional fees, even though the fees for 2021 leagues have been increased to cover the installation of COVID protocols.

We are looking into the possibility of offering small group programs for families who do not feel comfortable in a congregate setting. Whether or not we do offer them will likely be dictated by the course of the pandemic, and the likely timing of any small group programs, if offered, would be late summer / early fall. If offered, credits will be honored for these programs as well.


The deadline for refund requests for the Spring 2020 season was March 30th, 2020. All refunds requested before this date were granted.


The liability waiver addresses force majeure events, such as the pandemic. The waiver was updated after the wildfires in 2018, and releases Play Flag Football from liability in the instance of events beyond our reasonable control.

Up until this point, we have been unable to perform the services promised to Spring 2020 registrants because of the global pandemic. The pandemic is a force majeure event, and all Spring 2020 registrants agreed to hold harmless All Ball, Play Flag Football, and its officers and representatives in the case of such an event when they agreed to the waiver at the time of registration.


Play Flag Football invests a significant amount of money in advance of every season. Costs for fields, insurance, equipment, marketing, general overhead, and other requirements must be covered and often can not be recovered. The seasonal refund policy and waiver were put in place to protect Play Flag Football, and must be enforced in this instance.

Simply put, we believe that it is right for Play Flag Football to provide the service that was paid for, and given the current state of affairs, it is reasonable for families to give us the opportunity to provide this service.

The organization has served the Bay Area for 20 years. We fully intend to provide the services promised at the earliest opportunity, and plan to offer leagues as soon as we are allowed by local, state and national governments.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to returing to service.