We watch our favorite athletes and follow our favorite teams in the hopes that they will succeed -- but with the understanding that they won't always have success. My favorite athletes are the ones who, regardless of circumstance, always give their best effort.

I can say with certainty that in nearly 20 years of service to the Bay Area, we didn't always get it right -- but we always gave our very best.

We tried to design our programs with the imagination of a child. To see things from their perspective.

We had our share of success. A smile from a child. A mother kissing her daughter. A hug between father and son. And the thought that in some small way, our work facilitated these moments. That somehow through sport, we were able to provide an experience that strengthened the ties that bind.

These things I will miss.

It has been my great privilege to serve this phenomenal community for nearly 20 years. I am incredibly grateful.

With love,